In the old pre-website days you could find Frumkes between Fruit and Frustration in the Reader's Guide To Periodical Literature. But I have grown some and now as you meet my new cyber-self you may be surprised to learn that I am the author of seven books; the host of The Lewis Burke Frumkes Show on WPAT-AM in New York; on the Board of Editors of The Writer Magazine; and the Director of The Writing Center at Hunter College. Now in a well-intentioned attempt to give order to my life and work, I have created this site to help those of you who are interested in exploring my efforts further. God help you!

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Howard Gardner Interview
Howard Gardner, one of America’s greatest cognitive psychologists and thinkers has made his reputation primarily on MI theory, or the theory of multiple intelligences at least that is what most people want to talk to him about. Gardner, however, while still interested in MI theory prefers to talk about his new work, namely his latest […]
Paolo Giordano Interview
A prime number is a lonely thing. It can only be divided by itself or by one; it never truly fits with another. In “The Solitude of Prime Numbers,” Paolo Giordano a 29 year old particle physicist turned novelist creates one of the more charming stories of two damaged protagonists that I have read in […]
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