Favorite Words of Famous People:
A Celebration of Superior Words from Writers, Educators, Scientists, and Humoristsn

Paperback: 168 pages
Publisher: Marion Street Press, LLC
Language: English ISBN-10: 193333890

From the Publisher
The favorite words of 250 of the best and brightest contemporary thinkers and creators are collected in this volume that no self-respecting word lover should be without. From Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to authors Yann Martel and Nicholson Baker, the writers, scientists, educators, humorists, and celebrities featured in this book write at length about their favorite words and why they are so enamored with them. The entries cover a range of responses, some witty and hilarious, some brilliant and profound, others linguistically clever and poignant. This cornucopia of words is a frequently funny, sometimes eccentric, and often surprisingly intimate and moving look into personality and language.

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From the Author
FAVORITE WORDS OF FAMOUS PEOPLE began as a wondering about other writers’ favorite words, then grew into a project far beyond anything I had originally envisioned (see Logophile’s Orgy). Contributors one and all were unabashedly enthusiastic about complying with my query and often confessed to never having considered the question before. Through the responses sometimes one could discern the very landscape of a contributor’s mind, or his vision of life. When not being profound or revealing, contributors were frequently witty or linguistically clever. Others were just direct and succinct. Since no one owns words, all the delicious words in the book are free for the taking. Use them to enhance your own vocabulary and ability to communicate; deploy them in your own conversation and writing. Most importantly read the book leisurely and enjoy the beauties and pleasures of the English language.