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Howard Gardner Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / May 1, 2011

Howard Gardner, one of America’s greatest cognitive psychologists and thinkers has made his reputation primarily on MI theory, or the theory of multiple intelligences at least that is what most people want to talk to him about. Gardner, however, while still interested in MI theory prefers to talk about his […]

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Paolo Giordano Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / April 24, 2011

A prime number is a lonely thing. It can only be divided by itself or by one; it never truly fits with another.  In “The Solitude of Prime Numbers,” Paolo Giordano a 29 year old particle physicist turned novelist creates one of the more charming stories of two damaged protagonists […]

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Carol Higgins Clark Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / April 17, 2011

Carol Clark is a hoot in addition to being an entertaining novelist and actress.  Her new book “Mobbed,” another in her Regan Reilly mystery series is fast-paced and amusing which is what differentiates her from her mother Mary Higgins Clark.  Mary is all suspense while Regan is more like Carol […]

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Frank Wilczeck Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / April 10, 2011

Frank Wilczeck won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2004 for work he had done on asymptotic freedom with the strong force. He was also one of the discoverers of electrochromodynamics, and anyons. The prize was awarded for work Wilczeck had done when he was 21 years old at Princeton. […]

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Walter Mosley Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / April 2, 2011

Walter Mosely is one of the most versatile and admired writers in America today. He is the author or more than thirty-four critically acclaimed books ranging from his well known Easy Rawlins mystery series, to philosophical tomes, think books, and his new Leonid McGill mystery series. Along the way he […]

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Deborah Harkness Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / March 26, 2011

We are deep in the heart of Oxford’s Bodleian Library with a rare manuscript and then suddenly there descend hordes of daemons, witches, and vampires in a scholarly stew whipped up by Deborah Harkness in her novel “A Discovery of Witches.” This concoction is good enough to run Harkness far […]

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Alan Dershowitz Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / October 10, 2010

Super-lawyer Alan Dershowitz visits The Frumkes Show after having just returned from defending the Pope overseas and tells me he thinks he got a good result in this high-profile case. In any event as you know Alan is always brilliant, always, passionate, and always funny. He’s what I would call […]

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James Ellroy Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / October 3, 2010

Lee Earle Ellroy, or James Ellroy as you know him is one of our most unusual and acclaimed writers. Best known for The L.A. Quartet, The Black Dahlia, L.A. Confidential etc. Ellroy’s novels have been translated into film at a rapid clip. His style has evolved from from the classic […]

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Monique Truong Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / September 26, 2010

Monique Truong author of the much acclaimed The Book of Salt, visits me to discuss her latest effort Bitter In The Mouth. Truong is an asian transplant who studied at Yale and Columbia and has been winning plaudits from the literary mandarins who decide such things. Tune in and see […]

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Lan Samantha Chang Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / September 19, 2010

All is Forgotten, Nothing Is Lost is the title of Sam’s latest novel which is so beautifully written that it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that Sam or Lan is still currently Professor of English at the University of Iowa and Director of the prestigious Iowa Writer’s Workshop there. Her […]

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