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Nicholas Sparks Interview

September 22nd, 2009 by Lewis Frumkes


This time Nick Sparks visits me to talk about his new book “The Last Song,” that he wrote for Miley Cyrus about a young girl’s first encounter with heart-break and . . . love. It will soon be released as a film by Disney. Two of his other books will also be released in the next few months and we talk about those as well. No one can tell a story like Nicholas Sparks and we get into the reasons for his success, his extraordinary background, gifts, and attitude. We also talk about his two guard dogs, Rex and Laura whom he trained from puppies to follow his every command and defend he and his family to the death if necessary. Find out things you never knew in this interview with Nicholas Sparks. . . I do every time I chat with him.

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Nicholson Baker Interview

September 21st, 2009 by Lewis Frumkes


Nicholson Baker is one of our most intelligent writers. Years ago, I reviewed Nicholson’s unusual self-meditation about his obsession with John Updike, “U and I” in the New York Times Sunday Book Review, and then watched as he produced one extraordinary book after the other. “The Mezzanine,” “Vox,” “The Fermata,” and a number of others. In this interview we are talking about “The Anthologist,” about Paul Chowder, a once-in-a-while published kind of writer who is experiencing “writer’s block” over an introduction to an anthology of poetry that he is supposed to write. The result is at once hilarious, profound, entertaining and brilliant, with throw-away insights by Baker that are worth the price of the book itself. Nick is such a modest and charming man that you won’t want to miss our little chat.

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Oliver Sachs Interview

September 1st, 2009 by Lewis Frumkes

the-island-of-the-colorblindWriter/neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks is best known for his collections of case histories offbeat neurological studies which he has published under the engaging titles The Man Who Mistook his Wife For a Hat; and An Anthropologist on Mars in which he describes patients struggling to live with conditions ranging from Tourette’s Syndrome to autism, parkinsonism, musical hallucination, phantom limb syndrome, and epilepsy and retardation. He has investigated the world of Deaf people and sign language in Seeing Voices; and a rare community of colorblind people in The Island of the Colorblind. The New York Times has referred to Dr. Sacks as “The Poet Laureate of Medicine,” and he received the Lewis Thomas Prize b Rockefeller University.

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