Joe Hill Interview

February 21st, 2010 by Lewis Frumkes


Joe Hill is not only the award-winning author of Heart- Shaped Box, 20th Century Ghosts, and now Horns, he is also a super-nice guy, who is bright, witty, and fun to talk to. He also writes comic books. For all of you who may be wondering is Joe Hill really the son of Stephen King and Tabitha King, the answer is yes he is, and on the Frumkes show he candidly speaks with me about his relationship with his distinguished father and mother. All I can say is if I were Stephen King I’d be proud as hell of this young man who is not only a loving and devoted son, but an outsized talent of the first magnitude. Imagine trying to mine the same genre as Stephen King and bringing to it a totally original voice and style. I picked up Horns and couldn’t put it down. The word dynasty suddenly seems apt.

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