Oliver Sachs Interview

September 1st, 2009 by Lewis Frumkes

the-island-of-the-colorblindWriter/neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks is best known for his collections of case histories offbeat neurological studies which he has published under the engaging titles The Man Who Mistook his Wife For a Hat; and An Anthropologist on Mars in which he describes patients struggling to live with conditions ranging from Tourette’s Syndrome to autism, parkinsonism, musical hallucination, phantom limb syndrome, and epilepsy and retardation. He has investigated the world of Deaf people and sign language in Seeing Voices; and a rare community of colorblind people in The Island of the Colorblind. The New York Times has referred to Dr. Sacks as “The Poet Laureate of Medicine,” and he received the Lewis Thomas Prize b Rockefeller University.

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