James Ellroy Interview

November 14th, 2009 by Lewis Frumkes


One of the most original and outspoken voices now writing, James Elroy,  “The Demon Dog of American Crime Fiction” earned great respect and loyal fans from his L.A. Quartet The Black Dalhia, The Big Nowhere, L.A. Confidential, and White Jazz. He joins me to talk about his latest, Blood’s A Rover, and about his life which is rich, dark and fascinating. A character in the best sense of the word. . . .you’d best hold on to your seats for this one.

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Edward Teller Interview

August 26th, 2009 by Lewis Frumkes

edwardtellerEdward Teller, who agreed in 1988 to let me interview him after he heard the title of my book “How to Raise Your I.Q. By Eating Gifted Children,” for which of course I love him is one of the most important and controversial scientists of the 20th century.  At the time of our interview he had the President’s ear and  was the chief architect of the “Strategic Defense Initiative,” a network of anti-missile missiles which President Reagan believed would protect us from foreign nuclear attack. Credited with being the “father” of the “hydrogen bomb” which secures Teller’s place in history he asked me before the show not to refer to him as the “father” of anything. He also asked me what else I would ask him? When I replied that I would ask him to talk about some of the other famous scientists he had worked with, Von Neumann, Einstein, Von Karman, Szilard, Ulam, he said, “I will not talk about Ulam, Ulam is unimportant.” Stanislas Ulam, the brilliant Polish mathematician who was brought in to help Teller when the “Super” or hydrogen bomb wouldn’t work, apparently figured out the complex mathematics that would enable the bomb to ignite. It became known as the Teller/Ulam solution. Ulam had died two years before our interview and clearly Teller wished to keep him buried. When you hear Teller’s heavy Hungarian accent and slow manner of speaking in which he sets each word out one in front of the other like giant granite blocks you will understand why Terry Southern modeled his Dr. Strangelove after Teller.

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Yiyun Li Interview

March 8th, 2009 by Lewis Frumkes


the-vagrantsSet in China in the late 1970’s, Yiyun Li has written a stunning debut novel with unforgettable characters that haunt you long after you have finished reading the book. The love story between Nini a crippled girl and Bashi a sinister predator is an example of the unusual way in which Li views life, in a world of oppression and pain and forces us to reconsider our values . Yiyun came to me and impressed me with her high intelligence and fine command of English. This is a very different book with a very different world view. . . listen to our interview. . . I believe you will be hearing much more from this talented author.

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Ethan Canin Interview

October 5th, 2008 by Lewis Frumkes


america-americaEthan was encouraged to write by his high school English teacher. Then he went to the Iowa Workshop and was discouraged by something John Irving said. So he went to medical school at Harvard and became a doctor. But something made him return to writing and suddenly The Palace Thief was published to great reviews, and several other books, and now America, America and Ethan has grown into one of our top writers. And who was his prescient high school teacher who had encouraged him to write. . . . .none other than Danielle Steele.

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Stephen Marks Interview

January 27th, 2008 by Lewis Frumkes


confession-of-a-political-hitmanThere are people who are hired by politicos to destroy the opposition through a variety of dirty tricks, slanderous information, and vicious attacks. They are known as political hit men and they are very effective. Stephen Marks is one of them, and he confesses to me on air.

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