Tony Hendra Interview

February 7th, 2010 by Lewis Frumkes


Tony’s book Last Words which he wrote with George Carlin is careening around the best-seller lists as I write this, but Tony himself is here with me in the studio taping an interview. What makes this particular interview special is that Tony and I, old friends, are having a rollicking time when a knock on the door of the studio signals to me that Bruce Jay Friedman is in the studio to meet me later for dinner. I invite Bruce into the interview and the three of us just have a great time on air. Please enjoy a rare treat as I try to stay on point in the company of two of our greatest comic minds.

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Audrey Niffenegger Interview

December 20th, 2009 by Lewis Frumkes


“I’m 39 years old, and I grew up in Evanston, Illinois, which is the first suburb north of Chicago. I’m a spinster (albeit a spinster with a permanent boyfriend) and I live in a white stucco bungalow with my cats, Muybridge and Claudine. I’ve been writing since I was a tiny child, and I always made pictures to go with the words.” How could you not love a writer who describes herself thusly. She did write The Time Traveler’s Wife, and the recent Her Fearful Symmetry, and is an accomplished and talented artist. . . but that is all you need to know. Want to know more? Listen to our interview.

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Richard Lederer Interview

December 13th, 2009 by Lewis Frumkes


Verbivore, logophile, word wizard, lexicraftologist, all of these apply to Richard Lederer who may just be our reigning expert and purveyor of recreational wordplay. He has written over thirty books on language with titles such as ANGUISHED ENGLISH, THE MIRACLE OF LANGUAGE, GET THEE TO A PUNNERY, THE CUNNING LINGUIST, CRAZY ENGLISH, MORE ANGUISHED ENGLISH and dozens of others. To his language books Richard has recently added two best-selling treasuries, A TREASURY FOR DOG LOVERS, and A TREASURY FOR CAT LOVERS. A recipient of many awards (One year Richard was elected International Punster of the Year by the International Pun Foundation, and the next he was given the Golden Gavel Award by Toastmasters International), he is a supreme entertainer. . . .and if you love words or are an aficionado of the English language you will adore Richard Lederer.

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Nicholson Baker Interview

September 21st, 2009 by Lewis Frumkes


Nicholson Baker is one of our most intelligent writers. Years ago, I reviewed Nicholson’s unusual self-meditation about his obsession with John Updike, “U and I” in the New York Times Sunday Book Review, and then watched as he produced one extraordinary book after the other. “The Mezzanine,” “Vox,” “The Fermata,” and a number of others. In this interview we are talking about “The Anthologist,” about Paul Chowder, a once-in-a-while published kind of writer who is experiencing “writer’s block” over an introduction to an anthology of poetry that he is supposed to write. The result is at once hilarious, profound, entertaining and brilliant, with throw-away insights by Baker that are worth the price of the book itself. Nick is such a modest and charming man that you won’t want to miss our little chat.

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Jean Thompson Interview

July 4th, 2009 by Lewis Frumkes


do-not-deny-meJean Thompson has been called “America’s Alice Munro . . .one of the best contemporary short-story writers,” by Kirkus Reviews. Is she? Make up your own mind as I discuss her new volume “do not deny me,” with her. Or pick up one of her other collections, “Throw Like a Girl,” or “Who Do You Love,” and then decide. In any event David Sedaris is a big fan.

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Jennet Conant Interview

December 7th, 2008 by Lewis Frumkes


the-irregularsJeanette is a fascinating woman who writes fascinating books. As the daughter of James Conant one time president of Harvard University Jeanette grew up around fascinating characters. In The Irregulars she talks about some dashing British intelligence agents during World War II whose names may surprise you. Do the names Roald Dahl, or Ian Fleming sound familiar.

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Jeffery Deaver Interview

October 19th, 2008 by Lewis Frumkes


the-broken-windowJeffery is one of our most intelligent suspense writers and author most recently of The Broken Window, a Lincoln Rhyme novel. He will be one of our Best-Selling-Authors at Marymount on March 19th.

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Sandra Brown Interview

August 31st, 2008 by Lewis Frumkes


smoke-screenSandra is a brilliant writer and former beauty queen who knows how to seduce people with her writing and with her southern lilt when she speaks. A real treat to listen to. Smoke Screen is her latest thriller.

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Mary Higgins Clark Interview

June 15th, 2008 by Lewis Frumkes


where-are-you-nowOften called the Queen of Suspense, and paid mega millions for her efforts, Mary Higgins Clark is not only one of our world class story tellers, who sells more books than there are people, but she is one of the nicest and most interesting ladies you will ever meet. I love her, and treasure her friendship. Get to know Mary here on my show…you will not regret it.

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Nicholson Baker Interview

March 9th, 2008 by Lewis Frumkes


human-smokeSince I reviewed Nicholson Baker for the New York Times Book Review years ago,  he has become one of our most inventive and daring writers, unafraid to experiment stylistically or  raise hackles wherever he thinks necessary. Often writing with his tongue lodged firmly in his cheek, Nicholson skewers his targets with an immense erudition.

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