Jason Starr Interview

October 31st, 2009 by Lewis Frumkes


Jason Starr is a big talent coasting along just under the radar and worth discovering. If you’ve read his first book “Cold Caller,” and freaked out, or his most recent “Panic Attack,” you’ll know what I mean. Jason and I discuss how he got into writing. . .  writing thrillers, and how he views the rest of his life. An interesting young man.

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Interview with Gina Barreca

May 20th, 2009 by Lewis Frumkes


its-not-that-im-bitterDave Barry said of Gina Barreca, author of “They Used To Call Me Snow White, But I Drifted,” “Gina Barreca is very, very funny. For a woman.” And she is. Gina could as easily be a great stand-up comic as the writer and scholar she is.  She stops by to chat with me about her new book, “It’s Not That I’m Bitter. . . . Or how I learned to stop worrying about visible panty lines and conquered the world,” and we end up cackling about men and women, aging, and all the other things that tend to bother us about life. Gina is a rarity, the type of woman who actually wonders why there is no King Charming? Join us for a half hour of laughing and banter. She will only make you see the world in a brighter light. . . ..

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Harry Hurt III Interview

January 11th, 2009 by Lewis Frumkes


hurt-yourselfLike the late George Plimpton Harry Hurt III does participatory journalism, often risking his neck riding polo, or risking his dignity for example dancing with the New York City Ballet. His many articles for the New York Times have been collected into a delightful book called Hurt Yourself. I talk with Harry about his life in journalism, and his views on life. He is a very cool character.

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Emily Giffin Interview

May 18th, 2008 by Lewis Frumkes


love-the-one-youre-withEmily is one of those delightful young women who are making a success of the chick lit genre. Her books are mega-best-sellers, and on the show we are talking about her latest effort Love The One You’re With and her life in letters.

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Susan Shapiro Barash Interview

March 30th, 2008 by Lewis Frumkes


little-white-lies-deep-dark-secretsSusan and I know each other a long time and over the years I have watched Susan carve out a niche for herself as one of the more astute observers of contemporary women’s issues. In this interview we discuss some of Susan’s research into why women lie, among other things.

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Joseph Finder Interview

January 1st, 2008 by Lewis Frumkes


power-playJoseph Finder who used to teach with me at Harvard Summer School, has spent an interesting life as one of the faculty at the Kennedy School, member of the CIA, and now most importantly as one of our best and best informed thriller-writers. Whether you read his early prescient espionage books like The Moscow Club, or his later corporate suspense novels like Power Play, you will find yourself unable to put them down.

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