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Howard Gardner Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / May 1, 2011

Howard Gardner, one of America‚Äôs greatest cognitive psychologists and thinkers has made his reputation primarily on MI theory, or the theory of multiple intelligences at least that is what most people want to talk to him about. Gardner, however, while still interested in MI theory prefers to talk about his […]

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Frank Wilczeck Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / April 10, 2011

Frank Wilczeck won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2004 for work he had done on asymptotic freedom with the strong force. He was also one of the discoverers of electrochromodynamics, and anyons. The prize was awarded for work Wilczeck had done when he was 21 years old at Princeton. […]

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Freeman Dyson Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / December 27, 2009

Freeman Dyson who has long been a legend at The Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton is a theoretical physicist and mathematician of the first order, a futurist, and a nuclear engineer. British by birth, Dyson studied with Hans Bethe at Cornell before moving to the Institute for Advanced Study.  […]

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