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Richard Peck Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / November 7, 2009

It may sound strange, but Richard Peck reminds me somehow of a James Ellroy for youngsters. This Newberry-Award-winner, and National Book-Award-finalist, with sixty or seventy books to his credit, mines the fields of horror, caper, mystery, the occult, and history for his legions of young-adult fans. He enthralls them and […]

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Interview with Gina Barreca

By Lewis Frumkes / May 20, 2009

Dave Barry said of Gina Barreca, author of “They Used To Call Me Snow White, But I Drifted,” “Gina Barreca is very, very funny. For a woman.” And she is. Gina could as easily be a great stand-up comic as the writer and scholar she is.  She stops by to […]

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Joseph Caldwell Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / June 8, 2008

Joe is writing a trilogy beginning with The Pig Did It. He often defines himself as The Pig Himself.

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Patricia Marx Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / February 17, 2008

Speaking of funny, few writers can match Patty Marx in the humor department. Patty is a staff writer for the New Yorker Magazine, and one of the funniest people I know.

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