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Rebecca Newberger Goldstein Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / January 17, 2010

Rebecca Newberger Goldstein is a philosopher, novelist, MacArthur Fellow who writes about subjects that fascinate her. Usually brilliant people like herself. In 36 ARGUMENTS FOR THE EXISTENCE OF GOD, her entertaining new novel, Rebecca introduces Cass Seltzer, a kind and gentle best-selling atheist who is drawn into a constellation of […]

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Hanan Al-Shaykh Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / October 2, 2009

As J.M Coetzee says, “It is an extraordinarily brave act for a writer to undertake to inhabit, fully and sympathetically, the life her mother lived. And yet that is exactly what Hanan Al-Shaykh does in “The Locust and the Bird,” her novel based on her mother’s story. We enter 1930’s […]

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Alexander McCall Smith Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / August 31, 2009

Originally Aired in 2004; One of the most remarkable writers to come along in recent years Alexander McCall Smith is widely erudite and has written more than 60 books including his wildly popular No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series. His books range from the academic to children’s books. . . […]

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Francesca Marciano Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / November 16, 2008

Beautiful Italian novelist Francesca Marciano talks with me about her first book, CASA ROSSA, which is set in Kenya, and about the difficulties of writing in English when English is not your first language.

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Joseph O’Neill Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / June 1, 2008

Joe wrote Netherland, need I say more.

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