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Bernard Henri Levy Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / December 28, 2008

The great French philosopher chats with me while a French television team videos us.

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J Peter Scoblic Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / June 15, 2008

Peter, who is executive editor of The New Republic, and author of U.S. Versus Them; How a Half Century of Conservatism has Undermined America‚Äôs Security, is one of the more informed and articulate voices out there. . . well worth listening to. He is also a keynote speaker at the […]

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Stephen Marks Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / January 27, 2008

There are people who are hired by politicos to destroy the opposition through a variety of dirty tricks, slanderous information, and vicious attacks. They are known as political hit men and they are very effective. Stephen Marks is one of them, and he confesses to me on air.

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