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Roy S. Neuberger Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / December 14, 2008

Roy has written a frightening apocalyptic novel called 2020 Vision. Let’s all hope it doesn’t come to pass. If you are unafraid of the future you might be curious about what Roy has to say.

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Kerry Kennedy Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / November 30, 2008

Charming Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Robert Kennedy, talks about her recent book on Catholicism in which she asked famous Catholics including Bill Maher to talk about their feeling toward their religion.

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Pico Iyer Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / June 1, 2008

Probably one of the most eloquent men I know, Pico writes with style to spare. His prose is not only invariably interesting and elegant, but languorous as well which happens to be his favorite word. On visiting North Korea once Pico found it curious that North Korea one of the […]

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