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Jasper Fforde Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / January 10, 2010

Jasper Fforde is a British novelist unlike any you have ever read. He is a literary experimentalist of the first order who has carved out a special niche for himself within the literary world. His first novel The Eyre Affair was published in 2001 and followed by a series called […]

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Interview with Nelson George

By Lewis Frumkes / May 9, 2009

Nelson George chats with me about “CITY KID,” his new book about what it was like growing up black and nerdy in Brooklyn, Nelson who is a talented writer, musician, entrepreneur, etc. eventually moved to Fort Greene where he saw it grow from a relatively seedy area into one of […]

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Steven Pinker Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / January 18, 2009

Steven Pinker is one of the world’s greatest cognitive scientists and thinkers straight from Harvard and MIT. Pinker graced the cover of the New York Times Magazine recently talking about his own genome which he had allowed to be decoded. Pinker is not only bright and nice, he is genuinely bold […]

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Keith Gessen Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / August 24, 2008

Keith Gessen is one of those extraordinary new talents exploding on the literary scene.

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J Peter Scoblic Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / June 15, 2008

Peter, who is executive editor of The New Republic, and author of U.S. Versus Them; How a Half Century of Conservatism has Undermined America’s Security, is one of the more informed and articulate voices out there. . . well worth listening to. He is also a keynote speaker at the […]

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Ceridwen Dovey Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / March 23, 2008

I interview the South African wunderkind Ceridwyn Dovey who is only 27, but brilliant and gorgeous. Her novel BLOOD KIN, received glowing reviews and notices. She is clearly someone you should know about.

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