Mensa Think Smart Book

Games & Puzzles to Develop a Sharper, Quicker Mind


Hardcover: 128 pages

Publisher: Harper & Collins

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1578660548

From the Publisher

Think the way the Mensans do! Just like a good physical workout, this mental exercise program by the world’s most intelligent people builds strength: It pumps up brainpower and unleashes your hidden geniusThe benefits are almost amazing—it’s only a few short weeks to improved memory and reading comprehension, a better vocabulary, deeper logic abilities, and sharper math skills. Plus, the “Think Smart” plan boosts your store of knowledge and even stimulates creativity. Test out your grammar skills through a fun mystery story; take a crack at breaking codes, ciphers, and cryptograms; uncover the key to studying effectively; and have a blast with high-IQ trivia.

From the Author

In this book I collaborated with Abbie Salny who at the time was the chief psychologist for Mensa. Abbie had originally collaborated with Marvin Grosswirth the president of Mensa and a friend of mine. When Marvin died Abbie who was a good puzzle designer had trouble with the writing of the book and I was suggested by the editor as someone who could help her write the book and make it lively. That is exactly what happened and we sold over a quarter million books to puzzlers and people interested in Mensa. It is sort of a Jane Fonda workout for the mind.

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