Roy Frumkes Interview


I’ve known Roy Frumkes for many years. I remember when he wrote a novel at the age of nine. It wasn’t the best novel I’ve ever read, but it was right up there with “Gravity’s Rainbow,” and “La Recherche Du Temps Perdu.” In those days to pass time Roy and I would hurl cherry bombs at each other in demonstrations of friendly sibling rivalry. Today he writes movies and I write books. We both teach, and we both seem to be on the same humor wave-length. That could be due to genetics, after all he is my brother, but it could also be due to the cherry bomb wars. In any event Roy is the creator of “The Substitute” films which I watch on HBO along with everyone else, and of “Document Of The Dead,” and “Street Trash. ”He has also written a book about independent filmmaking called “Shoot Me.” If you want to know why I consider Roy my favorite brother, you should listen to this interview where I lie through my teeth.


Lewis Frumkes

Lewis Frumkes is an American educator, humorist and writer. He was born in Brooklyn, New York and attended a number of institutions such as New York University, Trinity College, Columbia University, and Pace University. He earned his B.A. and master's degree in English and philosophy from New York University.