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Alan Dershowitz Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / October 10, 2010

Super-lawyer Alan Dershowitz visits The Frumkes Show after having just returned from defending the Pope overseas and tells me he thinks he got a good result in this high-profile case. In any event as you know Alan is always brilliant, always, passionate, and always funny. He’s what I would call […]

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Nelson DeMille Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / May 9, 2010

If you have even dreamed of being a writer you would probably like to have penned Word of Honor, or The Charm School, The Gold Coast, Plum Island, The Lion’s Game, or The General’s daughter which was made into a film starring John Travolta. .. . because this would make […]

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Linda Fairstein Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / April 25, 2010

Linda Fairstein is a best-selling author and former prosecutor who focused on crimes of violence against women and children. She served as head of the sex crimes unit of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office from 1976 until 2002 and is the author of a series of novels featuring Manhattan prosecutor […]

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Joe Hill Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / February 21, 2010

Joe Hill is not only the award-winning author of Heart- Shaped Box, 20th Century Ghosts, and now Horns, he is also a super-nice guy, who is bright, witty, and fun to talk to. He also writes comic books. For all of you who may be wondering is Joe Hill really […]

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David Baldacci Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / November 21, 2009

David Baldacci’s “TRUE BLUE”, at this writing is the number one best-selling book in the nation. His other books “Absolute Power,” “Total Control,” “The Winner” and “The Simple Truth,” have also been best-sellers and main selections of the Book Of The Month Club. Each has sold millions of copies world-wide […]

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Jason Starr Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / October 31, 2009

Jason Starr is a big talent coasting along just under the radar and worth discovering. If you’ve read his first book “Cold Caller,” and freaked out, or his most recent “Panic Attack,” you’ll know what I mean. Jason and I discuss how he got into writing. . .  writing thrillers, […]

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Brad Meltzer Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / February 20, 2009

Brad Meltzer is smart as a whip, and a provocative writer. His books are always interesting. You have probably read The Book of Lies; The Book of Fate; The Tenth Justice; The Zero Game; or The Millionaires: Brad just can’t stay away from the Best-Seller lists. Like Grisham, and Baldacci, Brad is […]

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Mark Alpert Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / October 12, 2008

Mark, who is a senior science editor at a leading magazine, has written Final Theory – the first of a three novel series. If you are into Einsteinian intrigue and brainy killers, you will enjoy this talk with Mark Alpert.

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Christopher Reich Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / September 21, 2008

Chistopher Reich has written a novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Imagine a butterfly that is really an electronic eavesdropper and flies into the window of high level foreign agents and listens. The book is Rules of Deception.

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Colin Harrison Interview

By Lewis Frumkes / June 1, 2008

Colin who is married to Katherine Harrison (The Kiss), and is an editor at Scribner, is a dazzlingly good novelist. One of his recent novels was serialized in the New York Times Sunday Magazine Section.

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